First Post

Over the past month I’ve been working on a lot of new content that is fundamental to the core game mechanics.

Animal mechanics are still in the early stages, but are scheduled to be completed next.

Wood, Stone, Tin, Copper, Bronze, and Iron Hoe added. The hoe will allow you to dig a hole in the terrain to plant trees and vegetables in.

New axe models for Tin and Copper Axes based off of the Ötzi Iceman’s copper axe.

Water well to gather fresh water from. The fresh water can be used for drinking or watering plants. Buckets are no longer limited to either ‘full’ or ‘empty’ states. Their water amounts can change to allow players to pour a certain amount.

Coconut tree! And now trees drop seeds when they’re cut down so that players can reforest the land. The coconut is currently the only edible seed.

Basic Crafting Bench added. Crafting benches are placeable objects where the player can craft more advanced items than what they can craft with their bare hands.

Mortar & Pestle added. Players can use the Mortar & Pestle to crush things like raw ores, charcoal, and potatoes to make mashed potatoes. Crushed ore and charcoal are used in a furnace to make ingots.

That’s about it! Lot of new stuff added and a lot more to come.